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Gilbert Starble, Licensed Escrow Agent.

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A Private Commercial Fund Manager and Facilitator

Gilbert Starble, Licensed Escrow Agent and Trustee of NC One Trust plays the role of funding partner and sales facilitator through either an EB-5 and/or a private placement capital raise transaction to assist qualified businesses to expand in steep slope growth markets.

As an underwriting expert, this company's primary objective is to meet the borrower's need for short-term low-cost equity and bridge financing available for real estate and business expansion projects. 

The companny also places seed funds into client-projects with the intent to participate in equity as performance-based compensation for providing funding client companies/projects.

The firm provides commercial real estate funds for borrowers in unique and time-sensitive situations, primarily in major MSA's in the United States. We focus on providing timely, reliable, and customized solutions that are not accessible through conventional lenders.

Each transaction is funded by requisition from a team or a loan committee consisting of preferred equity participants, pension fund advisor, hedge fund manager, and/or an institutional c-level manager.  NC One Trust refers 100% of its private loan servicing administration to national loan servicing companies after closing each loan.

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